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"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."


The Soquel Union Elementary School District has the primary responsibility for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. We have established Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) to address allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying, and complaints alleging violation of state or federal laws governing educational programs, the charging of unlawful pupil fees and the non-compliance of our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). No form is required, complaints may be sent via email or paper delivery.

SUESD Uniform Complaint Procedures
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Uniform Complaint Procedures Brochure
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2018 Alice Woolsey Scholarship

To support and further the education of students in our community, and through the gift of funds in loving memory of Alice B. Woolsey, former Soquel teacher, the district has established one scholarship of $500.00 to be awarded to a worthy high school graduating senior who was a graduate of New Brighton Middle School.

2018 Alice Woolsey Scholarship Form

Welcome to Our District!

Soquel Union Elementary School District is very fortunate to have a long standing tradition where our community works together to create exciting programs for all students. During the past few years we have strengthened our academic programs in the areas of Art, Music, Project-Based Learning and 21st Century Instruction. We are passionate about providing every child with the opportunity to reach his or her highest learning potential. Here is a brief overview of our terrific schools.

Main Street School
One of the strengths of Main Street School is their staff's ability to seek different levels of instruction to benefit the educational program for all students. Main Street School is leading the way in creating opportunities for teachers to specialize in areas like Math, Language Arts and Science. It takes a tremendous amount of collaboration and a willingness to invest a significant amount of time to be able to specialize as a Science teacher for all fifth grade students. It is exciting to observe the unique learning environment that occurs when teachers are able to specialize.

New Brighton Middle School
Our middle school is dynamic because the staff has been able to balance academic rigor in an environment that is rich in nurturing the adolescent child. When you visit New Brighton you will quickly become aware of the wonderful interactions that takes place between student to student, adult to adult and student to adult. The school flows with positive energy and the excellent educators are able to provide a very demanding academic program for all students.

Opal Cliffs School
Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program begins its 3rd year at Opal Cliffs School. It is without question that the TK program at Opal Cliffs School is fantastic. We created a school design that embraces early education at so many levels. The key to our wonderful TK program lies in the staff who are experts in the area of early childhood education. They have developed a program that centers on engagement and exploration for all students. The happiness that surrounds this program is a joy to observe.

Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary School
The rich interaction that is shared between all staff members at Santa Cruz Gardens has enabled this school to create a wonderful educational program that is highly supported throughout the community. It is absolutely terrific to support various teaching models that are tailored for the students at Santa Cruz Gardens. The staff believes strongly in educating the whole child via mindfulness, social skills, art, dance, and music. The strong sense of a united philosophy in educating all students is to be commended.

Soquel Elementary School
The excellent staff at Soquel Elementary School has committed itself to receiving some of the highest professional training offered to educators today. It is most impressive to be a member of a staff where decisions regarding curriculum and instruction are embraced and aligned (K-5) with every educator at the school. The transformation of the instructional program has been led by this highly talented and trained staff. The collaboration to improve the instructional program among staff members is exceptional.

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Anti-Bullying Plan

SUESD takes the issue of bullying very seriously. Each site has developed and posted an "Anti-Bullying Plan" which can be viewed here:

In addition, the district is developing district-wide systems such as the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS). These frameworks are designed to help create a positive school environment, reduce bullying, and provide support for Social-Emotional Learning.


The Main Street Way

Main Street School has a commitment to a positive learning environment through the use of a nationally recognized program, Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), which supports all students. Our entire staff works closely together to ensure that all children feel safe and welcome. Students are taught the schools behavioral expectations, which are reinforced regularly, and take an active role in promoting positive behavior throughout the school. The Main Street Way character traits—Respectful, Responsible, Honest, Caring—are part of our PBIS program. Each month we feature a specific trait and recognize two students from each classroom who best represent the trait. Staff members also give out "blue slips" to students who are "caught" exhibiting the traits. which they can cash-in for a prize. Staff regularly reviews behavior expectations set forth in our PBIS matrix.

NBMS Teacher Receives TEACHER OF THE YEAR Recognition

AAPG logo Molly Shaw (Deich) was awarded Teacher of the Year, 2016, for exemplary teaching in the geosciences by the Pacific Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), a national professional geologists' association. At the recent AAPG convention in Nevada, she spoke about the state of geoscience education in middle schools today, specifically regarding the increased emphasis on Earth Science in the new national science standards.

Molly received her bachelor's degree in Physical Geography at UC Berkeley, her Masters in Educational Administration from San Jose State and her doctorate in science education at UC Santa Cruz, where she is also a lecturer. Molly is also a full-time 6th grade science teacher at New Brighton Middle School in Capitola.

Master Planning

SUESD is working with the team at MADI Architecture to envision possible design plans for the future of our schools. This process is called Master Planning and has involved multiple layers of input from staff and community. Pictured below are drafts of the possible designs.

Main Street Master Plan

New Brighton Middle School Master Plan

Santa Cruz Gardens Master Plan

Soquel Elementary Master Plan